TV series “Angels of Hell” with Locations in Frigiliana


TV series about the “Angels of Hell” of California with locations in Frigiliana

The locations in our region will be in the streets of Frigiliana, publishes La Opinión de Málaga

Violence related to organized crime on the Costa del Sol worries the Police a lot. It is the Coast of Crime, the name by which some tabloids refer to the Costa del Sol in their news about British gangsters established in our lands. Remember that not too long ago the second season of the series ‘Snatch’ premiered , recorded entirely between us, an Anglo-Saxon series and a film about crime of different fur focus their locations in Marbella . Now it will be the turn of ‘ Marked-The Unforgiven ‘, a series inspired by the Hell’s Angels , will shoot part of the first season in Malaga between the months of December and February.

This work of fiction is an adaptation of ‘ Marked ‘, the novel with autobiographical dyes by George Christie , former president of the Hell’s Angels of Ventura ( California ) and one of the most prominent club members internationally until he left.

Malaga will serve to recreate the environment and the headquarters of the Ximénez cartel, enemies of Marked The Unforgiven Motorcycle Club. The scenarios of the capital will be in the areas of La Alcazaba , Gibralfaro and Puerto de Málaga . Filming will take the team to areas of the province such as El Caminito de Rey , El Chorro waterfall , the cobbled alleys of Frigiliana , the foothills of the El Torcal mountain range and other areas of the Antequera region .

Behind the project, the producers Wanda-Halcyon Television , Un Nouveau Jour , New Street Pictures and Revere Pictures . Everyone, excited about the audiovisual possibilities of the Costa del Sol: “Malaga is a perfect setting with its sophisticated coastline, the beautiful backdrop of  Gibralfaro and access to an international airport,” says María José Morales , of Wanda-Halcyon. Its rugged landscapes, impressive historical fortresses and sun all year round make Malaga the directors dream and an ideal setting to improve the overall aesthetics and experience of the spectator of productions such as ‘Marked-The Unforgiven’, Morales abounds.

Of course, there is another factor to consider: euros. “Malaga has one of the best tax return programs for film productions in Europe,” says Morales.

This is the synopsis of ‘Marked’: Jack Crest, a former Navy reconnaissance sniper in Afghanistan and protected from Big John, a sniper from the Vietnam era, returns home. Both characters come together and form a biker club where only war veterans can join. The original 12 members of the club are Marines, Green Berets, Navy Seals and even a Coast Guard captain.

The series «is a drama that exposes the dichotomy between club members and the people they deal with. The flashbacks of all the characters of the first season reveal that some come from typical families, others from broken homes and many of their personalities are formed by their combat experience, ”says Graham, who points out that“ very serious ”issues will be addressed but “Irony and humor” will also be used to guide the viewer through this visceral drama based on real dramas.

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