Walk the plaques of Frigiliana

Walk the plaques of frigiliana

Plaque No 1:

Map of the Area. As you climb up C/ Hernando El Darra you will come to the first plaque after about 20 metres, on the right hand side of the street. Essentially this is a map of the area in the mid-16th century, and sets the scene for the saga that follows.

Plaque No 1

Plaque No 2:

Muslim Society. Proceed a further 40 metres up this street, and then turn left through an ancient arch, just past house No 11, plaque No 2 being situated immediately on the left (and which is easy to miss). This plaque depicts the period of Muslim occupation.

Plaque No 2

Plaque No 3:

Seeds Of Revolution. On exiting this archway, back onto the main street, turn left and you will come across the 3rd Plaque 10 metres further up, effectively on your left.  This plaque describes the conflict that resulted when the Christians undertook the banishment of the Moors from the area, and specifically depicts numerous Moors being chained and tortured, following the start of their rebellion.

Plaque No 3

Plaque No 4:

The Great Prayer Meeting. Continue up the street another 20 metres, to encounter the next Plaque on your right. This plaque depicts a Muslim prayer meeting held to discuss their resistance to the Christian pressure, at which they were warned that further rebellion could end in disaster. 

Plaque No 4

Plaque No 5:

Martín Alguacil. Continue up the street for a further 40 metres to the next plaque, situated on your right. The Moors chose as their leader a man named Martín Alguacil, seen here waving a crimson flag.

Plaque No 5

Plaque No 6:

The Depopulation. Continue on up the street for a further 30 metres to reach the next plaque, straight ahead. This depicts the depopulation of the whole Axarquia region, as the Moors were driven out.

Plaque No 6

Plaque No 7:

Hernando El Darra. Continue on up the street, and turn left onto C/ Alta, stopping in front of Plaque No 7 on your right. It was El Darra who now took over the leadership of the rebellion, and who attempted to rally the population locally, taking up a defensive position on the mountain of El Fuerte – the ‘Rock of Frigiliana’.

Plaque No 7

Plaque No 8:

The Attack. Continue up C/ Alta until you reach Plaque No 8, straight ahead. The plaque is situated slightly on your right, best viewed by taking a brief detour up to the right, as the main street heads downwards. The plaque depicts Christian naval forces, under the command of Don Luis de Requesens, storming the Rock. 6000 men were involved in this initially unsuccessful attack on the Moorish garrison.

Plaque No 8

Plaque No 9:

The Defence of El Fuerte. Now continue along C/ Alta for a few more metres until reaching Plaque No 9 on your left, just around a corner. This is one of the most dramatic scenes, showing the Moors rolling millstones on axles down onto their attackers. Then if you stop in front of house No 37, you can get a good view of ‘El Fuerte’ itself, picture above right.

Plaque No 9

Plaque No 10:

The Muslim Women. Continue on, as the street now slopes downwards, where you will see Plaque No 10 on your right. Many Moorish women fought as bravely as their menfolk, and, on being defeated, chose to throw themselves off the mountainside, rather than be captured.

From this point, looking down to your left you can see all the way down the famous C/ Zacatín, or Market Street, the base of which we will pass later on, as we return along C/ Real.

Plaque No 10

Plaque No 11:

The Final Toll. Continue on up the street to the penultimate plaque, on your left.

When the battle was eventually lost, more than 3000 Moors were captured and led off to slavery.

Plaque No 11

Plaque No 12:

The Aftermath. Continue along the street for 30 metres, and then turn left down C/ Garral on some slightly uneven steps until reaching a small café courtyard on your right, where the final plaque can be seen. This plaque dramatically depicts the aftermath of the conflict – essentially a deserted mountainside strewn with corpses.

Plaque No 12

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