Family fun in your amusement park Tivoli World

Tivoli World

Tivoli World

You have many reasons to visit Tivoli World. It Is an experience to enjoy a fantastic day in a unique place. A world of excitement to share with your family.

Enjoy the exciting new attractions, the variety of shows in different places and enjoy the many options to satisfy your appetite between bars and themed restaurants, while enjoying the magnificent ambience of the park.


Among the attractions you can enjoy, among others, the roller coaster, Twister, Jurassic Adventure mysterious ship or the free-fall tower of 60 meters. high and one child, Tivoli Water, Grasshopper,, Tivoli Dragon, Passage of Terror, Giant Ferris Wheel and Child wells, carousels, rides, … and more.
Family fun in your amusement park Tivoli World


Performances for all audiences live, live illusion and color!
The Tivoli Theatre outdoors up to 2200 people, the concerts take place with the most important artists of the moment and the best performances for younger children.

Tivoli Theatre
Showtime tivoli world west

Authentic reproduction of a western town where you can taste the best barbecue in Texas Grill enjoy a comprehensive entertainment program of the Far West and Can Can.

A place where the atmosphere and ingredients typical of Andalusian architecture teach us the best of this land.


Basic entrance cost is 8€. Those older than 65 or children smaller than 1 meter have free entrance.

Basic entrance let you enjoy the different perfomances and shows in the park, they can be more than 20 during the summer season.

The price of the entrance or the packs below have special discounts for groups or for buying online from the official website at:

Rides and prices

For enjoying most of the attractions you need to buy tickets or a package:

  • Supertivolino: for 15€ you can use up to 35 stated rides unlimited, but have to pay for the three below.
  • Combi Ticket: for 10€ you can try once Mansion of terror, Go-Karts and Shocking boats.
  • Tivolino: 3€ for each tivolino which can be used for all the attractions, you can buy at any stand inside the park.


The opening time can change throughout the year, website state today they are actually open daily from 12am to 7pm, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Find the exact opening time for the year in the table below:

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