The Cave of Bats & The Dark Cave

The Cave of Bats and the Dark Cave

Along the river el Rio Higueron, a few dozen metres from the village, you might spot the Cueva de los Murcielagos, meaning ‘Cave of the Bats’. This cave is of crucial importance to Frigiliana – not so much regarding the flying creatures it contains – but rather that it once housed the first human settlement in the area. Remains from the Neolithic Period, dating to around 3,000 BC, were found in it proving that Frigiliana and its environs has been fairly continuously inhabited since prehistoric times.

Cueva Oscura. Frigiliana. 4

For decades the cave had been plundered of its archaeological content, but luckily, before it was totally lost or destroyed, a group of archaeologists excavated the cave in 1987 and therefore identified Frigiliana’s first crucial prehistoric sequence. The archaeological finds from this cave are now on display in Frigiliana’s museum.

There is a cave next to this, the so-called ‘Dark Cave’ (La Cueva Oscura). It measures approximately 30 metres deep from the entrance and is divided into a central vault with three rooms to the sides. 

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