Sea Life Aquarium Benalmádena

Sea Life Aquarium Benalmádena

Sea Life Aquarium Benalmádena

A visit to the Sea Life Aquarium is an unforgettable experience for the whole family, stimulating the interest of children and adults alike. You will encounter almost every type of sea creature imaginable, and be amazed at how much has been packed into this modest-looking building.

This unique interactive aquarium takes visitors on a journey through the world of colorful fish, darting seahorses, frozen in stillness, proud Moray eels and sea turtles. In addition to the live fish you will also find an impressive selection of shellfish of all sizes, as well as octopus and other cephalopods, amazing jellyfish, proud sea turtles, sharks and two adorable otters.


A Day at the Aquarium

If you are planning a trip to the aquarium it is best to book online in advance, for two reasons; Firstly, tickets purchased over the internet are much cheaper, and secondly, you can choose which day you would like to visit in order to catch one of the many featured talks that the Aquarium offers.

What can you expect during your visit.

– Learning about sea creatures in one of the of an interactive areas, where you touch the fish.

– Admiring sharks and sea turtles in the underground tunnel.

– Attend one of the interactive sessions , particularly the “smiling” rays.

– Every day at around 16.00 there are organized games and activities for children such as face painting, fun with balloons, etc.

– For lunch, you can choose a cafe overlooking the sea.

– Take part in feeding the creatures living in the aquarium. Some species are fed on certain days, so its best to check before you visit.

Feeding Times:

Otters – daily at 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00
Seahorses – daily at 15:30
Sharks and turtles – every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, at 12.30
Piranhas – every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at 12.30
Nautilus and octopus – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 14.00
Crustaceans, like the Japanese Pacific Crab (the largest crab in the world), lobsters and scampi – every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 14.00.
If you want an even deeper dive into the midst of the aquarium you have the option to see “behind the scenes”. You will have privileged access to closed areas for the public, eg. See how to prepare the food for fish.
The “Behind the scenes” tour lasts 30 minutes, for prices and availability please ask at reception or inquire via the website.

Opening Times

Sea Life is open daily from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00. The only day in which there are no organized visits is 25th of December.

Entrance Prices

Tickets booked through the website, are cheaper.

Adults – € 15.50, online – €10.
Children (3 – 9 years) – €12.50, online – €10.
Seniors (65 years) – €12.50, online – €10.
Guide to the aquarium – €3.95, online – €3.50.

Phone: +34 952560150


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