Santa Fiora Botanical Garden


Undoubtedly, the project for a botanic garden that displays the species of native plants of this part of Andalucia keeps improving as time passes. You can find the garden, which was inaugurated in 2010, situated alongside the promenade that goes from Avenida Carlos Cano up to the historic city centre.

The idea developed in this garden is to gather a sample of plants that have been useful to the inhabitants of Frigiliana over the past centuries, be it for food, as for curative uses, cesteriá, shoemaking, silk industry (which reached its maximum development in Muslim times), paper or perfume manufacture, etc.

This is a small sample of what the garden offers us:

  • Esparto: He had multiple and ancestral utilities, such as footwear, horses for horses, cheese molds.
  • Caña de azucar: From which are obtained mainly “honey without bees” and sugar, creating hydraulic processing for their processing, waterfalls that today are an inseparable part of our rural and urban landscape.
  • Palmitos (only native palm tree in the peninsula): Very used in basketry, ceretes (suitable for dry figs, which were exported to Muslim Egypt until Egypt, where they were highly appreciated)
  • Olive trees: Their production of olives and oil had food use, but also filled the small bellies of the lamps used for centuries in lighting, their wood was used as firewood, to make furniture, etc.
  • Native medicinal plants: Thyme, rosemary, oregano, rue.

The garden adapts to the traditional topography of the land, terraced, landscape matrix of these payments, thus integrating with the environment without great artifices

Over time this space will be enriched with new species and the current plants will give shade, flowers, fruits, so that the people of Frigiliana and their visitors can witness directly all the benefits that these plants and trees have given us throughout of history.

The botanical garden was inaugurated in 2010 and is accessible from Avenida Carlos Cano, and recently also from two other entrances located in the old town itself, accessing the garden from Callejón del Agua, on Calle Real, and also from this street through from Orchard.

The garden also includes a petanque court, where neighbors and tourists can practice this sport.

The design and planting of this garden was the responsibility of the landscaper Manuel Morcillo Luna

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