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kayaking from Burriana beach to Maro

kayaking from Burriana beach to Maro

It is very hard to believe that you are in southern-most Spain. The water is glass-like, crystal clear and exceptionally clean. The landscape is completely wild and untouched, with waterfalls on almost every corner, secluded coves and beaches that can only be reached by kayak, sea caves that reflect different stone colours……all just waiting to be explored.

“Paradise Exists – And It Is In Andalucia”

“You don’t have to travel thousands of kilometres by air to reach paradise, it is here, in our back garden” so concluded a recent Canal Sur television program.

Exploring the various caves and rock features (Cueva del Lobo, Casa de gaviotas y roca caída, Caletilla de Maro), passing under the numerous waterfalls – several large streams and rivers from the Sierra de Almijara discharge here, forming waterfalls. The largest being the Cascada la doncella and the Cascada grande de Maro.

How to get there

The route starts from Burriana beach

The company that organises the kayaking trips is called Educare Aventura. It is best to call beforehand and reserve your places (+34 600620054). Particularly in the high season. Bookings can also be made via email at kayak@educare-aventura.com.

Educare Aventura is situated at the far end of Burriana beach, just beside the famous Restaurante Ayo

Throughout June, July, August and September they have four groups leaving daily at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 and 19:00. Prices are dependent on group size, but are usually around 20€ per adult, children cost 12€ (8-15 years). Children who are eight and under (or ones that can fit comfortably between two adults) go for free.

All safety equipment, a brief instruction course and the guides are provided. The company also offers snorkelling equipment at no extra cost.

The route takes between 3-5 hours, depending on the exact itinerary. You need to be fairly fit.

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