Hiking Route Of The HIGUERÓN RIVER In Frigiliana

Rio Higueron and El Fuerte from Frigiliana.

This route takes you from the beautiful village of Frigiliana into the waters of the Rio Higueron following it upstream to near its source in the Carrascal. The return journey takes in the peak of El Fuerte by a lesser known route, by way of its north spur. 
This walk is not technically difficult although some exposure is experienced and loose, steep ground is covered in places. Due to a short section of the river passing through a narrow gorge which is impassable without technical skills and equipment care must be taken to navigate around this section. The path is marked by cairns and an occasional blue spot. 
The scramble up Fuerte from the Tres Huevos ridge is marked with yellow spots and arrows. 

Río Higuerón. Frigiliana (13)

Start From Pozo Batan

At the entrance to the Cuesta del Apero, you´ll find a track that goes down eastwards, this takes us to the Higueron riverbed and is approximately 400 metres.
Once at the riverbed we continue north, (left) and walk for 1000 metres until we reach the Pozo Batán, an old Arabic water deposit used to irrigate the local area.

Pozo Batan

Waypoint: Marker board for Cortijo Iman and Nerja

Waypoint: Barranco del Marmol

Waypoint: Barranco del Arco

Waypoint: Cortijo de Alconcar

Waypoint: Cairn marking path to Fuente Esparto, Cortijo Iman and Nerja

Picnic: Picnic Area (Pinarillo Espeso)

A fountain is also available at this location.

Waypoint: Small cairn marks exit point.

It is worth walking the extra distance upstream to check out the “impassable section” The first two waterfalls are easily circumvented if water levels are low. The third requires use of a rope. The forth is not for the average pedestrian. Caution; You will get wet!

Waypoint: Impassable waterfall.

Waypoint: Cairn marking path for Puerto Umbrales

Waypoint: Bolsa Incendios

Waypoint: Puerto Blanquillo

Waypoint: Ford

Waypoint: Puerta Verde Sign

Ruins: Venta Cebollero (also known as Venta Jaro)

Waypoint: Bee Hives

Waypoint: Path for Acebuchal

As an alternative to ascending El Fuerte, take this path which follows the Arroyo de Acebuchal into the recently restored hamlet of Acebuchal. There is a bar restaurant situated in this delightful place, but be aware that it closes early – around 16.00Hrs. From Acebuchal follow the track leading uphill – the GR 249 to Cuatro Caminos and continue following the red and white markers of the GR 249 onto the MA-5105 Frigiliana-Torrox Rd. Turn left for Frigiliana.

Waypoint: Calera Tres Huevos

Waypoint: Path from Lizar

Waypoint: El Fuerte trig point

Waypoint: Pozo Lizar

Waypoint: Castillo Lizar

Waypoint: Waterfall

Waypoint: Acequia

Waypoint: Cortijo del Castillo

Waypoint: Barranco de Moles

Waypoint: Barranco de Moles

Waypoint: Barranco del Cordero

Waypoint: Barranco de las Carriguelas

Waypoint: Barranco de las Piedras

Waypoint: Barranco del Almirez

Waypoint: Cruz de Napoleon

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