Climb El Fuerte Frigiliana

El Fuerte, the hill you can’t miss if you visit Frigiliana

The hill behind Frigiliana is called El Fuerte, and you can climb to its 7-km far top through a mesmerising hiking route from Frigiliana. Once on top, enjoy its 963-meter height and take pleasure in the breathtaking views of the white village and the coastal area of Malaga you can spot from there.

A curiosity: when the Spanish troops conquered Frigiliana in 1569, the Moorish soldiers plunged from the hill to prevent the Spaniards from capturing them.

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El Fuerte frigiliana

The route

Starts from La Plaza del Ingenio. Located at 290 meters above sea level (30 S 0420162 / UTM 4072074). From here we will walk into the old town of Frigiliana.

First we will take Calle Real, and about 200m, on our right, up the stairs of Calle Hernando el Darra which in turn will lead to Calle Amargura, which we will follow until we reach the highest part of the old town, known as Barribarto.
Again on our right we will see the indication of Calle Chorrera, which, also in the form of stairs, we must continue until we are literally outside the urban area, which we will do by a concrete path that winds past the Barribarto. Once we have traveled approximately 300 meters along this road we must take the detour that we will find on the right and that will take us directly to the Pozo de Lízar, at 419m above sea level. The distance from the center of Frigiliana to Líizar is 750 m.

Once the path is followed, we will take it to the left (30 S 0420048 / UTM 4072527). The beginning of this path passes next to the old mill of Lízar and a ditch, built by the Arabs in order to channel part of the Higuerón river water to supply the town and the terraces. This path has no loss since there is only one path.
Once on the road towards the Fort, we will pass by the well-known lime-kilns, once used for firing limestone, which was used as cement in the mortar and paint for the white walls of houses and farmhouses. As we advance the views of the town are improving, spotting the countryside and mountains that surround Frigiliana.

At the summit, 963m, we will enjoy stunning 360º views of the entire park and the coast of Malaga.

An exercise of reflection must be done by the hiker as he ascends to 963m from the highest point, observing the steep and complicated terrain, and trying to imagine what was lived on May 28, 1569, when the Christian soldiers ascended with the intention of expelling the last moriscos refugees in the Fort, place in which they stayed during some time. Only after several attempts, Don Luis de Requesens, who had landed on the nearby coast more than 6000 soldiers in 25 ships, achieved success in the “Rock of Frigiliana” and that was when the last Moriscos remaining in the area surrendered.

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