Castle of LÍZAR


The Castillo de Lízar is located in the Cerro de la Sabina. Specifically on top of the town of Frigiliana . From the Castillo de Lízar there are hardly any remains left of walls and foundations. This is because this important Arab defense was destroyed by the Christian armies in 1569.

CASTLE OF LÍZAR view-of-frigiliana
CASTLE OF LÍZAR view of frigiliana
CASTLE OF LÍZAR view-of-frigiliana
CASTLE OF LÍZAR view of frigiliana


Although the exact date of its construction is not known with certainty, the Castillo de Lízar dates back to the ninth and eleventh centuries. This occupied an area of ​​about 4000 square meters and was located, at the top of the hill of Sabina, dominating the town of Frigiliana.

After the conquest of the city of Malaga in 1487, the king decreed the Royal Pragmatics of Philip II, which limited all rights to the Moors and forbade them to follow any custom or tradition they had. Faced with this situation, the rebels of Malaga and Granada who ignored this statement, fled the city. These were concentrated behind the walls of the Castle of Frigiliana.

In the year 1568 this rebellion had spread throughout the Alpujarra. For this reason, the uprising was intensely stifled. After the Battle of the Rock of Frigiliana, in 1569, the armies of King Felipe II took the city. The last rebels coming from the Alpujarra and the Vélez region took refuge in the castle of Lízar that was finally invaded. Once the Arab troops had surrendered, Luis de Requesens, Commander of Castile, ordered the destruction of the fortress. The subject Moriscos were sent to other parts of Spain, and Frigiliana was repopulated by old Christians from Granada and Valencia.

Such was the destruction of the Castle of Lízar, that a good part of its ashlars were later used in the construction of the then palace of the Manrique de Lara, the Ingenio.

At the moment of the Castle of Lízar there are hardly any remains. It is a wall of 4 meters long by 2.5 wide and part of the access ramp. Despite this, the remains have a special protection because they are considered Spanish Historical Heritage.

How to get to Castillo de Lizar

To go up to the Castillo de Lízar it is necessary to enter through the back of the Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana. From here is where a cobblestone route begins that will give exceptional views of Frigiliana, the Sierra de Almijara , the Mediterranean Sea and the municipality of Nerja.

After the slopes and labyrinthine of roads, you will end up in a small urbanization. Here there are banks and beautiful corners to rest and admire the views. The road from here full of small sculptures. After following the signs, we leave the rest area, and begin our ascent. Which in a few minutes takes us to the highest part of the mountain and to what was the Castillo de Lízar. Here you can enjoy without a doubt the spectacular views. Also there will be some donkeys, who roam freely through the terrain. The perfect place to photograph Frigiliana from above, enjoy the views of the Mediterranean and what was once the Castillo de Lízar.

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