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Aventura Amazonia

Adventure Amazonia

The largest adventure park in Andalusia.

A total of 99 games in the trees and 26 zip lines distributed in 6 adventure circuits:

MiniKids, Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure and Sports; and 3 of Initiation . You can also launch on the largest zip line between trees of Andalusia with a length of 240 m.

The MiniKids circuit offers adventure games, crafts workshop, zip line and climbing wall for children from 4 to 7 years old.

What to do in Aventura Amazonia

In this Marbella theme park you can choose between six circuits: Minikids, Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Sports and the Monkey Jump.

  • Minikids : this circuit is aimed at children between 4 and 7 years old, and is controlled at all times by specialized monitors . It includes a wide variety of games to promote the agility, dexterity and imagination of the little ones. Among the activities are climbing the three floors of the Spiderman house, archery, sliding bridges and slides, a climbing wall or the construction of sand castles.
  • Kids : this circuit includes 12 games, and the activities are at an average height of 1.6 meters. All the games are of short duration and of simple execution , and the adventures are to very low height. Many of the games have been designed so that the little ones can perform them with their parents, but only if they wish.
  • Explorer : this circuit has 14 games, and the activities are located at an average height of 2.8 meters . The games are not very complicated, ideal to be introducing future adults in the world of adventure. It includes bridges, zip lines, logs, a footbridge, a sliding footboard or rocker arms.
  • Jungle : in this circuit the activities are already done at an average height of 3.6 meters . Includes 13 more complicated games, aimed at young people and adults. It has a transverse climbing wall, a tightrope walk, elusive trunks, a duck pass, a Burmese network, bridges, zip lines, footbridges …
  • Adventure : this circuit has 15 games that are played at an average height of 6.4 meters . It is of medium difficulty and is intended for adults. On the way, the games increase in complexity, until reaching the last one, a 250 meter subpetiroline that is the longest in Andalusia.
  • Sports : it is the most difficult circuit. It includes 13 games that are performed at an average height of 9 meters . It is a route indicated for the most intrepid, and includes the famous Tarzan Jump and a surfboard among trees.
  • Monkey Jump : get ready to jump to the void from a height of 12 meters , but calm, you will be subject to an elastic rope. The jump is made from a platform whose height is equivalent to that of a fourth floor. Reaching the platform is an adventure, since you have to climb through the trunk of a tree, but if you prefer, you can access it through a staircase.


Address :

Calle Valeriano Rodríguez, 2

Rates :

Easter, July and August, children under 1.15 meters and between 4 and 6 years old pay 16 euros

Children from 1.15 meters to 1.34 meters and from 6 years pay 20 euros, and the rest of the year 17 euros

Juniors of 1.35 meters and under 16 years pay 22 euros, and the rest of the year 19 euros

adults pay 20 euros in high season and 21 euros the rest of the year.

Discounts for groups. Consult the website Adventure Amazon .

Schedule :

Opening and closing depends on the month of the year and the day, so it is much more practical to consult the schedule in the website .

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