They denounce the presence of several bags with remains of asbestos in Frigiliana

They denounce the presence of several bags with remains of asbestos in Frigiliana

The councilman of Por Mi Pueblo transferred to the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office a situation that the mayor claims to be investigating to find the person in charge

Several bags with old asbestos tubes in the center of Frigiliana, a few meters from a nursery, the library, the House of Culture and the tourist office. This is the situation denounced by the councilor of Por Mi Pueblo in the opposition, Fernando Medina, which is taking place in the axarquía locality for several weeks “before the passivity” of the mayor, the socialist Alejandro Herrero, who rules with absolute majority after the municipal elections of last May 26.

In this situation, the frigilianense mayor has filed a complaint with the City Council and the Office of Environment “to protect municipal workers and all residents of the irresponsible actions of the consistory with the problem of asbestos, so that is purify the possible responsibilities, “ the mayor said in a statement.

Fernando Medina, a health professional, expressed his “deep concern”about the events that are taking place, “given the very high risk of cancer and other pathologies that asbestos causes in the health of people”. “I do not understand the passivity of the government team of the PSOE, which has hidden the existence of such storage for partisan interest and cheating the neighbors in the face of municipal elections, without minding the least,” he said.

For his part, the councilor responded that he has given instructions to identify the owner of those bags with asbestos remains , which are on a municipally owned plot, but which are open. “It is not a warehouse, it is an open place where there are construction materials. The technicians are already working to remove them with an approved company, “said the mayor, who added that they find rubble in the municipal area every day, a situation for which they have  a truck.

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