‘The question of Gibraltar’


‘The question of Gibraltar’ by Liborio Acosta de la Torre

For a few days.
Frigiliana library has a new and very special book. It is a copy of ‘The question of Gibraltar. Historical notes, critics and politicians’, a text written by Liborio Apolinario Acosta de la Torre, born in Frigiliana in 1836.

The copy of ‘The First Edition of ‘question of Gibraltar’ can be found in the Frigiliana library, published in 1869 in Madrid by the press Tomás Rey y Compañía.

It is a book of small dimensions that consists of 62 pages and of which there are hardly any copies. The book is digitized and this version can also be consulted in the library.

The book belonged to a family documentary fund of the historical archive Márquez Escobar and one of its heirs, Salvador Márquez Galindo, has decided to donate it to the town of Frigiliana given the writer’s link with our municipality.

Liborio Apolinario Acosta de la Torre was born in Frigiliana, on July 23, 1836, on Calle Real number 25. He was a literary, humanist, biographer, journalist, lawyer of the Illustrious College of Madrid, Academic Professor of the Academy of Jurisprudence and Canon of the Magisterial Church of Alcalá. 

He wrote numerous works among which the second tourist guide of Alcalá de Henares, city in which he died on January 11, 1890.

In Frigiliana, a plaque recalls the house where he was born and in the Madrid municipality, a street has his first name. 

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