The Public Wi-Fi Network in Frigiliana is now available


The Public Wi-Fi Network in Frigiliana is now available, a project in which the municipality has been a pioneer

Frigiliana has been one of the first municipalities in the province to launch the “Wifi4EU” program of the European Union to provide the public areas of European cities with internet.

In total 10 antennas have been installed so that users have free internet connection in public and open spaces such as 

  • Parque de Andalucía
  • Loma de la Ermita
  • Calle Real
  • Plaza del Ingenio
  • Tres Cultures
  • El Apero
  • Calle San Sebastián

among other. Each user will enjoy an estimated connection of 30Mb for a maximum period of 24 hours.


After 24 hours, the user must connect again and enjoy another 30 Mb.

The connection method is “one click”, clicking on the “ WiFi4EU ” network on your mobile devices , tablets or laptops .

This service will be available to residents and visitors, “thus creating added value for tourism. Frigiliana thus advances in digitization and modernization, improving its accessibility to the internet, ”they affirm from the Social Networks of the Consigorio frigilianense.

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