Tango show by Arcos de Buenos Aires “Una Noche en Buenos Aires”

Arcos de Buenos Aires

The tango show “Una Noche en Buenos Aires”

Will be here at the Center of Multiple Uses next Saturday October 20 performed by Arcos de Buenos Aires. This will be the fourth time that the company has acted in Frigiliana.

A Night in Buenos Aires is a cult show, but at the same time enjoyable and dynamic. A show in which the tangos and all of its life are combined with the milongas and waltzes of most varied styles, harmonized by the violinists Walter Oscar Tejeda Carranza and Laura Sánchez García in a very spectacular performanc.
In addition to the choreographers and dancers Jupa Arias and Esther Medina, first figures of the Argentine National Ballet.

This show directed by Maestro Walter O. Tejeda Carranza has traveled through the best theaters in countries such as Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. 

Lovers of this art will have an extraordinary opportunity to experience tango and get excited by the vibrant interpretation of their dedicated artists.

Arcos de Buenos Aires will be here in Frigiliana on Saturday, October 20, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. in the Multiple Use Center. Tickets, which are priced at € 10, can be purchased at the tourist office Frigiliana, or on the day of the show if there are still any available.

The company ARCOS DE BUENOS AIRES TANGO SHOW introduces the show called “TANGO HISTORY”.In this show the String Chamber Orchestra makes a retrospective of the Tango History from the beginnings, since 1900, to contemporaneous composers like Astor Piazzolla. 

This historic travel includes themes like “El dia que me quieras”, La Cumparsita”, “Felicia”, “Verano Porteño” or “Fuga y Misterio”. 

The prestigious Violinist and Conductor WALTER OSCAR TEJEDA CARRANZA conducts this show that relates the origin and development of this music and how the Argentine Tango overcame frontiers becoming from a local origin to a world music. 

The music that was forbidden at the beginnig, shines now with all its splendor in this show with the Unique String Chamber Orchestra that makes Tango in Concert accompanied by the Tango Ballet. 

Directed by violinist and conductor Walter Oscar Tejeda Carranza, this show is a real palette of RÌo de la Plata rhythms -tangos, milongas, waltzes-, tunes and dances. 

The orchestra and ballet on stage will recreate the PorteÒo elite’s way of living, from the 1930s or 1940s to the present. The show is worthy of Arcos de Buenos Aires Tango Show’s talent, thanks to which Argentine music has reached the levels of the best chamber music in the world. 

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