San Antonio Fair 2019


San Antonio Fair 2019

June 12th to 16th

Frigiliana will celebrate its fair in honor of San Antonio. Among the highlights of the program are the performance by the group La Guardia, dj Les Castizo and the show “Remember Queen”, a tribute to the legendary British band.

The fair will begin on June 12 with the election of the Queen and Knight 2019. On Thursday 13,

San Antonio, will be the day of pilgrimage and party in Puerto Blanquillo. At night we will enjoy the performance of Joana Jiménez, winner of the first edition of the contest called Copla. 

Friday and Saturday will be the nights of the featured concerts. 

On June 14 we will have the opportunity to enjoy the concert of La Guardia and the session of DJ’s Les Castizo. 

On Saturday the 15th it will be the turn of the show Remember Queen.  

On Sunday June 16 will be the great water festival, with the installation of a water park on the soccer field of La Horca. 

And at midnight a pyrotechnic castle will end the fair 2019.

This is just a highlight of some activities, there are many more for children, adults, young people … for everyone! You can consult the complete program of the fair in the following link:

Fair program of San Antonio Frigiliana 2019

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