Presentation of the book “The fairy and the moon” in El Apero de Frigiliana

Presentation of the book "The fairy and the moon" in El Apero de Frigiliana

Friday, December 21, at 8:00 pm,

The book “The Fairy and the Moon” by Abigail López Torres, neighbour of Frigiliana, will be presented.  The author defines it as “a collection of poems, a love story in poetic prose and verse”.

The presentation, will take place in the exhibition hall El Apero and will consist of an intimate recital of some poems, accompanied on guitar by the Portuguese musician Eduardo Gregorio. 

Readers and friends can, in turn, recite or read stories about the book. 
Finally, a wine will be served to all the attendees.

“The fairy and the moon” is the second book by Abigail López Torres. His first book, “La niña mariposa”, also poetry, was published in 2015. Both, by the Editorial Círculo Rojo.

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