New recruitment of unemployed people by the City Council

New recruitment of unemployed people by the City Council

The City of Frigiliana has accepted the call for grants by the Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Knowledge aimed at encouraging the recruitment by Andalusian municipalities of unemployed people not employed, aged between 18 and 29 years , between 30 and 44 years old and 45 years and older. 

The Town Hall of Frigiliana plans to contract a number of posts: technical administrative, child education, tourist information, concierge, technical architect, cleaning vehicle operator, laborer, mason, secretary and professional counselor.  

In the document linked below is the detail of positions and conditions to apply for it: contracting by the City Council of unemployed people not employed 

Procedure to register 

Interested persons must register as unemployed jobseekers in the Andalusian Employment Service and be registered at the time when the City Council submits the job offer in the SAE Office in Nerja. 

Within your profile as a jobseeker you must include, among the requested occupations, any of the occupations to be hired, with the exact name indicated in the document (for example, the technical position is not the same). administrative in general ‘that’ administrative employee ‘).  

In the case of young people aged 18 to 29, they must also be registered in the National Youth Guarantee System. This procedure can be done in the Guadalinfo center and formalize registration procedures. 

For more information, ask at City Hall.

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