New incentives for AUTÓNOMAS


Informative conference on new incentives for autonomous people in Andalusia

From the Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Andalusian Entrepreneurship Center (CADE) El Morche, there will be an Information Conference on “New Incentives for autonomous people in Andalusia” , on September 18 from 9 : 30h at the Town Hall of Frigiliana.

We know that living the adventure of being autonomous or autonomous can be very complicated: many expenses, delays in payments, schedules 24/7 … We can not help you with all these difficulties, but with one of the most important for you: monthly fees of quotation.

Now, for being autonomous, you have an “extra life” to help you in your adventure. This is an additional compensation to state aid, reducing fees and extending aid, so you do not have to leave the game and can continue undertaking.

If you are registered since January 1, 2019, and you have the bonus of autonomous freelancers, come to inform you. If you are also a young person under 30 or a woman, you can apply for help this September.

For more information and registration you can contact the Andalusian CADE El Morche Entrepreneurship Center, the Frigiliana Information Point, at 671560002 or email:

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