Japanese television network records in Frigiliana

Japanese television network records in Frigiliana

The Japanese television network NHK, (the biggest in Japan, has been filming a documentary in the historic center of Frigiliana. 

The video recorded in our town will be joined to others made in the most symbolic places of Andalusia, such as Granada, Seville and Córdoba among others, in a documentary called “Navigating from the air”.

The film crew of NHK have been in Frigiliana twice to locate the different scenarios to record and last January 19 came for the third time to shoot in the historic center.

They have chosen our town for different reasons, among which the Japanese filmmakers highlight “its architectural beauty, its landscapes and views of the sea and also the presence of the mule as an element of work in the construction of Barribarto.”

This documentary will be broadcast at the end of February or beginning of March of this year.

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