super fast internet

Got fiber? Do you get your 100mbps? NO? super fast internet

100 megabytes per second, my ass!

Movistar “The best response in the market in terms of speed and reliability. Actual speed in Optical Fiber at 100Mb”

Okay this is my PC nothing to flashy Intel i5, but it is nowhere near my router, no prob I thought, WIFI? and if I have 50Mbps thats okay, it will be fast enough for me.

Nigels PC

WIFI standards:

802.11a – 54Mbps
802.11b – 11Mpbs
802.11g – 54Mbps
802.11n – Up To 450Mbps
802.11ac – Up to 1.3Gbps

WOW looks great, but lets see..

Go to yourself a reference. How fast is your computer?

Here we go.. lets plug this in.
Its a usb plug & play 802.11n (available to buy here in Frigiliana HERE) yeah up to 450Mbps so should be easily capable of receiving and handling the 100Mbps that’s coming from movistar into my house.. 

Stuck this into a USB3 socket which is capable of 640MBps. think we should be laughing  😅

802.11n test

Yeah that’s not exactly what I expecting! how much am I paying Movistar a month?

Download speed 6.22Mbps
Upload speed 10.4Mbps

The reason, if your wandering, why my upload speed is faster is that I pay €5 extra per month for  Symmetric.
Movistar quote “Symmetric Fiber offers the same speed of descent as of ascent”

Anyway I’m not thrilled…

Back to the drawing board. Swapped the 802.11n for a 802.11ac – Up to 1.3Gbps that’s 1300Mbps 🤩 Same USB3 socket.

You can buy this also form BuyFromUs Frigiliana

But don’t wait a minute…

802.11n test2

Getting better  😄

Download speed 31.98Mbps
Upload speed 34.42Mbps

Still not the 50Mbps I would be happy with.

⭐ Just for reference I ran the speed test again with it plugged into a USB2 socked and achieved the same results. 

NOW for some major research, off to google so will leave the 802.11ac plugged in 🙂 old school smiley for those who remember.

OKAY i’m back, been shopping again and got this. An Ethernet extender over WIFI.  😕

Note the socket connection, most every computer, laptop or desktop has one (cat5 socket – RJ45 connector) you also need a Cat5 RJ45 patch lead and a power socket close to the computer.

The device is now configured, setup on the wifi and the movistar router configured. Cabled up and ready to test. Come on 50Mbps….

802.11n test3

Download speed 65.8Mbps
Upload speed 69.38Mbps

If you would like this solution installed and setup for you contact me Nigel 620 256 092 or
email me at

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