Frigiliana will be declared a Tourist Municipality

Frigiliana qualified

first Andalusian town of less than 5,000 inhabitants declared a, “Tourist Municipality.”

Since 2015, Frigiliana qualified as part of a select club, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain and will be the first Andalusian town of less than 5,000 inhabitants to be part of this club and declared a, “Tourist Municipality.” Announced by the mayor of tourism, Carmen Cerezo, and the mayor of Frigiliana, Alejandro Herrero.
Monsalud Bautista  of The Delegation of Culture & Tourism received the Frigiliana application in July 2018.

Only 18 Andalusian municipalities have been considered, all are under the old 2002 regulation that requireds, among others, a minimum of 5000 inhabitants to be able to apply. The achievement of this declaration for the municipality of Frigiliana would be historic, not only because it is the first municipality of less than 5000 inhabitants to obtain it, but because it will open new financing lines for the locality that, without doubt, will also increase its tourist projection.

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