3 Cultures Festival
historic co-existence of Christian, Jewish and Muslim

The Market

The central market is the main focus of the whole festival. It is here where stalls provide; food, drinks, clothes, and a myriad of products related to all three cultures. Situated at the historic city centre of the town, you pass through here to reach every point in the town whilst enjoying everything the Festival of Three Cultures has to offer.

Music in the streets

During the festival, the streets get filled with music of all types. In addition to the music, played by street artists, the Festival also welcomes eight artists to perform in concert, which accompany the visitors from Thursday to Sunday. Mostly, they take place in either the Plaza de las Tres Culturas or the Casa del Apero.

Ruta de la Tapa

Visitors have a gastronomic delight and can taste different tapas for €2 each in each of the 18 participating, bars and restaurant of the town.
A card with a map of the bars will be given to you if you stop in the central square , information marque, before starting. Be sure to have it marked by each bar you visit, as, if you complete either one of the two Tapa Routes (Moorish and Mudéjar) you will be rewarded a ceremonial t-shirt.

The church of San Antonio de Padua

There are shows of the images of the three cultures displayed on the white walls of the church, they will truly astonish you!

Everything else!

In addition to the reasons above, going to the Festival of Three Cultures means getting involved in conferences, theatre street performances, music, dance (belly dancers) workshops and activities for the kids.
The huge firework shows take place at the start and the end of the Festival.

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