Food hack video showing nine simple kitchen tricks is blowing people’s minds

Yet another food hack video is doing the rounds on Twitter, but this one will teach you more than just how to peel garlic

Food hack video showing nine simple kitchen tricks is blowing people’s minds

Earlier this week, people lost their minds over a viral video on Twitter showing a unique way of peeling garlic cloves.

Even the likes of Chrissy Teigen jumped in on the hype and seemed keen to give the quirky method – which involved using a small knife to stab and pull out the individual pieces – a go.

And now yet another video has sent them into a spin, but this time it features more than one cooking hack.

In just under two minutes the clip shows nine different ways to prepare different foods, including peeling an orange and shredding the skin from a fillet of fish.

The video was shared by a user named @ItsProxcey who says it left her feeling like she had been doing everything wrong in life.

She wrote: “At the rate I am now convinced I have been breathing all wrong.”

More than 859,000 people liked her post with 288,000 retweeting it.

Over 5,000 people also took the time to comment on the tweet, with some saying how the tricks had blown their mind.

The first hack in the video shows a simple way to remove the shell from a shrimp, by inserting the tine of a fork into one end and trailing it all the way down to shed it.

It then reveals how a colander can be used to remove leaves from herbs, by threading the stem through one of the holes. The leaves are too big to fit through and are collected together.

The third trick is for those who have ever struggled to remove the skin from a piece of fish – turns out all you have to do is pour hot water over it, wait a few moments and then the skin will peel right off.

And there were plenty of other hacks for those who love shellfish – including an easy method for removing the shell from a lobster tail.

Other tricks and tips in the clip included a way to peel an orange using a spoon and removing skin from a peach by placing it in hot water for 20 seconds then dunking it in ice water.

There was also another hack for peeling garlic cloves, which instead of using a knife, saw someone crush the garlic under the bottom of a glass jar, before scooping up all the pieces into the jar and giving it a good shake.

The contents are then turned out onto a surface, where the cloves have separated themselves.

The final method in the video is one we’ve come across before for preparing pinapple.

It claims that you can pull segments of pineapple off in chunks instead of having to cut it with a knife, but there has been some debate about whether or not this one actually works.

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