Fiesta de las Candelarias


Fiesta de las Candelarias

Saturday, September 7th

Celebration of the Candelarias.

A traditional festival that consisted of a gathering of friends and family in the countryside, after the grape harvesting.

Friends and family gather around a bonfire where old clothes were lit and other belongings. It was also the tradition of burning Juas, dolls made with old rags.

The regulations no longer allow fires in the countryside and the City Council of Frigiliana wants to remember the tradition with the celebration of the Candelarias festival in the Plaza de las 3 Culturas . 

In the afternoon, from 5pm, there will be a craft market and from 9pm a bonfire will be lit, the Juas made by the local association “Between seams” will be burned and roasted sweet potatoes will be distributed free to the attendees. The party will be enhanced by the performance of the Los Canallas group.  

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