Day of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

Frigiliana joins the celebration of the Day of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

Frigiliana yesterday, joined the celebration of the Day of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain, a day to show before our country, that these small enclaves have much to contribute and to say.

The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain,  which Frigiliana belongs, since 2015, launches a manifesto to remember that in us there is still a material and intangible heritage that makes us redoubts of the authentic, guardians of our folklore, our tradition , our gastronomy, our most ancestral parties … in short, in defenders of what, with so much effort, our ancestors left us as an inheritance.

For this defence we are willing to give ourselves together with our neighbours in body and soul as we have been doing for many years, but we want to make the state and regional administrations aware of the importance of preserving our rural world and our heritage.

For this, we need our villages to be alive, we need proper financing for our municipalities, which have large territories, we need services for our neighbours, transportation, telecommunications, etc.

For this reason we demand from the public administrations significant changes in areas such as local financing, tax advantages for companies and freelancers that are established in our villages, improvements in communications and telecommunications and improvements in services for our neighbours to avoid depopulation of many of our municipalities.

The Day of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain is an open day for culture and heritage in all our villages. It is also a day of claims to have a better future. A decent future also for our children, who want to live, work and start a family in their villages, and where we all have the responsibility and the duty to make it happen.

Winners in the raffle of 10 guides of the most beautiful villages in Spain:

To celebrate this day, 10 guides of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain were raffled among visitors to the tourist office. The winners have been:

  1. Fernando Ortolá Durbá
  2. Diego Garcia
  3. Jesus Ruiz Jimenez
  4. Manuel Sanchez
  5. Juan Miguel Fernández Guerrero
  6. Alejandra Escobar Castán
  7. Juan Lopez Reina
  8. Ana Martín Rodríguez
  9. Carlos González Guillaume
  10. Josefa López Núñez

From the tourist office they will contact the winners.