Coca-Cola Feature Frigiliana in New Advertisement

The Axarquía locality appears in the one-minute spot of the multinational with some plans recorded in a viewpoint of Barribarto

Filmed on January 18

The charms of Frigiliana continue to awaken the interest of advertisers and producers to make part of their filming there. If in 2015 it was the Italian chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher that chose the axarquía locality in a contest to proclaim the most beautiful and good people in Spain, this time it was the North American beverage multinational Coca-Cola that opted for a view of the municipality for your new announcement.

The spot, one minute long, is being broadcast since yesterday on all national television and in ads on the website. It is a piece designed by the Argentine producer Mercado McCann, which had already made other companies for the same brand. The announcement was released last December but now a version for the Spanish market has been launched, in which Frigiliana appears.

The scene of the axarquía locality was filmed at the beginning of last February in the street Santo Cristo, in full old helmet, the well-known Barribarto. There a restaurant was recreated in which diners enjoy a lunch, in which the famous cola can not be missed. The announcement has as a soundtrack a version of the well-known ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong. Without narration or dialogue, only the phrases of the story that counts are superimposed in the images.

In the same line as other previous announcements of the North American multinational, in this case the happiness of sharing a table, with a Coca-Cola, of course, is again the plot’s basis of the ‘spot’. Thus, in the case of the Frigiliana map, it appears with the message “Fuet is Catalan and they eat it even in Málaga”. In the past, the script alludes to the kebab, “that goes around the world and nobody thinks about stopping it”, and to the oriental food, which says that “the West has conquered and everybody understands it”. “Sometimes, when the world decides with its head, it separates us, but when it decides with its stomach, it unites us. It’s time to get together to eat, “adds the ad, directed by the Argentine Pucho Mentasti.

The mayor of Frigiliana, Alejandro Herrero (PSOE), has shown his “satisfaction” for the appearance of the Axarquía locality in this promotional campaign. «As soon as they arrived to ask us for permission to shoot, we gave them all the possible facilities for the shooting crew, and we even provided them with the contact of some neighbors who work with mules and horses to haul the material to the viewpoint where the terrace was simulated of the restaurant, because until then the cars do not arrive », has explained the regidor, who has emphasized« the positive repercussion » that this announcement has in the tourist image of the municipality.

“We are already well known in Spain and now we hope to be abroad too,” he said. On the message that is launched with the images of Frigiliana in the background, Herrero has joked that he hopes that “there is no international conflict”, in reference to the phrase “the fuet is Catalan and eat it even in Malaga”. And is that the brand of drinks has wanted to throw a nod to the difficult political situation that exists in our country. In addition, in another scene he says: “There are few things that unite more than an omelette skewer and a Coca-Cola.”

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