Presentation of the book "The eyes of Saïd"

Casa de la Cultura – Presentation of the book – The eyes of Saïd

Presentation of the book "The eyes of Saïd"

Author, Mar Montilla will be presenting the book “Los ojos de Saïd” on November 24 at 6 pm at the Casa de la Cultura.

Sara is a Spanish journalist who writes a column about the Arab and Muslim world. The arrival in the newsroom of Saïd, a young Moroccan who will collaborate with her as an interpreter, will revolutionize his whole life, breaking his schemes and turning everything upside down. At first he tries to resist, but it is too obvious that they like each other. They initiate a passionate romance that both consider passenger, although they feel so comfortable together that they end up becoming inseparable. At the same time, Alicia (Sara’s friend) starts a relationship with Nadir, Saïd’s roommate. But while Alicia and Nadir just want to have fun, Sara and Saïd quickly realize that theirs is serious. Overwhelmed by the clichés and loaded with prejudices towards each other, they watch helplessly as love makes its way, despite itself. She begins to understand a culture that she thought she knew. And in him the frivolous image he had of the western woman is blurred. As time progresses, however, intercultural conflicts, family rejection and many other obstacles seem to lead the relationship to an inevitable failure. 

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​Mar Montilla has a passion for letters since she was a child, a time when she took advantage of any carelessness of the elderly to hide and write. 

She wrote down in a notebook all that she did not dare to say aloud and dreamed of being a writer someday. That memory of childhood encouraged her to create, many years later, her blog. A notebook on the ladder. Although she exercises in psychology, she never stopped writing. In fact, she considers herself a writer, even though she is aware of how much she has left to learn and the long way she must travel. 

She has published two books: Passion in Marrakech(Tombooktú Erótica, 2013); and I separated, although I loved him too much (Amazon Self-Help, 2015). Now another of her works will see the light of day: The eyes of Saïd , a romantic novel that deals very closely with the theme of interculturality as a couple.


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