Moment of rhythmic gymnastics exhibition

Almost 50 students practice rhythmic gymnastics in Frigiliana

Almost 50 students practice rhythmic gymnastics in Frigiliana

The rhythmic gymnastics is having a very good reception among the girls and boys of Frigiliana. The school has 46 students practicing this sport and on March 29 they performed the daily warm-up in front of parents, mothers and relatives. It was in the Municipal Sports Pavilion, where there was also a small exhibition of this sport by federated gymnasts of the sports club GYMCOSTA Almuñécar, who taught their competition assemblies. This club is in charge of teaching classes in our municipality.

Antonio Manuel Lopez, sports council, was present during the exhibition and was very pleased “with the good acceptance of rhythmic gymnastics among girls and children of our people” and encouraged “everyone to practice this sport.”

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance and the use of various devices such as the rope, the hoop, the ball, the clubs and the tape, in individual mode and sets. The coordination, flexibility and muscle strength are worked through choreography, in addition to emphasizing the learning of sports values ​​such as companionship and work.

Both girls and boys who are interested can practice this sport. In a first stage, basic training, accommodates all children who want to practice rhythmic gymnastics, regardless of age or sex, and regardless of the sport level they have.

The Gymcosta club, coordinated by Zuzana Hanzlová, works with girls and boys, from 4 years old, who like the rhythm. Its levels range from the practice of rhythmic gymnastics as an extracurricular activity, going through school and base sports, until reaching the maximum competition.

The rhythmic gymnastics training schedule in Frigiliana is Tuesday and Friday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the municipal pavilion.

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