A German tourist drowns in a Torrox pool

A German tourist drowns in a Torrox pool

The man, 75, was rescued by the lifeguard but could not be revived by the Local services or the Local Police

New drowning in the province.

This time it happened yesterday 5th Jine 2019 in Torrox-Costa, where a 75-year-old German, who was on vacation in the area with his wife, died while taking a bath in the pool of the Torcasol urbanization

The drowning took place at 1.40 pm, when the man had just gotten into the water. The lifeguard and another bather noticed that the body had begun to sink, so they rushed to rescue him.

After performing resuscitation maneuvers, they could not do anything to save his life, certifying his death. The Local Police tried to revive him using a portable semiautomatic defibrillator, but the tourist did not respond. Apparently, everything points to the man had suffered a heart attack while bathing ,  The man was on vacation with his wife, who witnessed the incident.

This is the second case of a German tourist who died in the town in less than a month . The previous one took place on May 12 at the beach of Torrox-Costa.

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